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Formerly a Spanish teacher in Wisconsin & Illinois, I moved to Bangkok with my husband in July 2011 to teach IT at a new American International School.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Prepping: Cheesehead to BKK

Those of you venturing on to this new site are well aware of where I come from, Green Bay, WI. Yes, I am a glorified CHEESEHEAD, or Cabeza de Queso, as tell my students. But come July 22nd, I will really have to change my thought from dairy products to fresh, tropical produce. You see, my husband, Joshua, and I, will be trading our lifestyles of cold, dreary winters, watching the Superbowl Green Bay Packers for life in "The BIG MANGO"-Bangkok, Thailand, or BKK, as it is often referred. Each of us will be teaching at a new American International School, Berkeley International School. I will be teaching IT (Information Technology) and Josh, Phys. Ed. We are excited, nervous, anxious, nervous, and um, did I say NERVOUS???!!!

Yes, we are moving to Bangkok. No, I have not yet seen The Hangover Part II, where it was filmed, but it is on my summer agenda, along with packing, packing, and um, yeah, more packing. No, I won't be bringing my cheese head puppet I used for skits and role-plays. It's endured enough over the last 11 years of teaching Spanish. Please rest assured, Mr. Cheese Head, you will always hold a near and dear spot in my plastic storage container in Jim and Cherie Tebo's basement, anxiously awaiting our return in two years.