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Friday, July 29, 2011

And the adventure has officially begun! WOWS and OMGs galore

We have been in BKK just under one week, but have just finally moved in to our new home. We were able to negotiate a great price for what is the equivalent of just over 3,600 sq. feet. We are very pleased with our new home!
But before we jump to that, I have to highlight some of my WOWS and OMGs before they become monotonous. The first thing that sticks out...and only because I have a serious addiction to McDonald's cones back home...Mr. Ronald McDonald doin' the wai, which is a polite gesture when greeting someone else. Some say he is downright scary, but I kinda dig it. Have a look and see for yourself. And who puts E.T. in the back of a hot pink VW Beetle? Look closely. He DID survive the 80s. I wonder if my mom still has that E.T. costume I got stuck wearing 3 years in a row for Halloween. I digress...
E.T. doesn't even qualify for shotgun here. He must be scorching because this car hasn't moved in the last week I have been here. 

So when's the last time you were walking in your neighborhood and you saw whole fish with a pretty big stick stuck through its mouth and body, ready for purchase? I see these little guys everyday. All in good time, and I will try one...
"Come on, eat me! You know you wanna...Or, pass this time, but I'm not going away anytime soon."

...but not quite the same for the chicken feet. I might have to have a few drinks before the courage magically appears like Zorro to dig in. Do you want a wing or a leg, man? Um, hold those. I'll just crunch on these bony feet. I think that one on the left is pointing at me..."Hey, you, gimmie your attention!"

              So I decided it would be a good idea to take a walk in the park nearby where I live, right up from The Emporium. Not the biggest green space the city has to offer, but it doesn't lack in the area of mechanical exercise equipment! Around the perimeter are all these nifty machines, free to use and actually a decent workout! People of all ages take advantage. Take a look. I hear this one is great for the obliques!    

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